Forever Apes


Crypto Logically

  • Background M1 Army Green
  • Clothes M1 Navy Striped Tee
  • Eyes M1 Wide Eyed
  • Fur M1 Cheetah
  • Hat M1 Bowler
  • Mouth M1 Grin

I decided to join the Bored Ape Yacht Club after keeping an eye on it for a few months. However, the floor prices for Bored Apes were a bit steep and I couldn't find one within my budget that caught my eye. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the Mutants and fell in love with the M1 Grin. For a week and a half, I refreshed my OS until Rictus appeared on the floor, and I immediately purchased him. This purchase changed my life forever.

Rictus Grynn is now the MC of the renowned hip-hop trio Grymace. Together with his identical twin Myco Dymm (#4252) and adopted brother Wynsom (#6786), they embark on adventures across the globe.

Being part of the BAYC community is unlike any other. We bond over meals, play games together, and collaborate on projects. There's no place I'd rather be.

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AJ Khah

  • Background M1 New Punk Blue
  • Eyes M1 Sleepy
  • Fur M1 Black
  • Mouth M1 Bored Unshaven

I couldn't have imagined the impact of owning a mutant ape yacht club NFT on my life. At first glance, I was drawn to its unique design with a combination of red and black colors. As my first mutant, I had to maintain my aesthetic. However, I had no idea that this NFT would open so many doors for me. With the mutant ape intellectual property, I created a snowboard, Funko pops, skateboards, and I'm even working on a limited edition '65 Mustang with characteristics of my mutant. Consumers responded positively, and the mutant ape brand gained a loyal following.

Since joining the community, I've felt welcomed and supported. Every member's passion for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is contagious. Owning the arena football team, Bored Ape Football Club, has been a game-changer. It fulfilled a personal dream and allowed me to give back to my community while promoting a sport I love.

My mutant ape yacht club NFT holds a special place in my heart, and I'll never sell it. It has brought so much joy and success into my life, and every day is a unique opportunity. I'm excited to see what the future holds for the mutant ape brand, and its ID has my favorite combination of numbers.

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  • Background M1 Purple
  • Clothes M1 Prom Dress
  • Earring M1 Gold Stud
  • Eyes M1 Bored
  • Fur M1 Zombie
  • Hat M1 Sea Captain's Hat
  • Mouth M1 Dumbfounded

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." Hi, I'm HolocronApe. Since I joined the Ape community, my life has completely changed. I remember the early morning in November 2021 when I bought my mutant, I was sweating since it was the most valuable purchase I had ever made. My girlfriend didn't understand what I was doing, and neither did I. I just knew I had been hearing about BAYC for months and wanted to belong to the club. I entered the Discord members only channel, and my life was never the same again.

I have been in the crypto world since 2017, and since then, I have seen the power of decentralization. I know that crypto is the next big thing, so I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself fully to web3, but I couldn't find the time or the right project until I joined the Ape community. I saw so many talented members who shared the desire to build, and the few tools they had for it. I left my job at a well-known web2 company to focus on building web3 for the Ape community. That led me to create ApeTalent, one of the first software projects created 100% in the community and funded 100% by the community.

I don't know what the future holds, but I do know it will be very exciting. As Doc Emmet Brown would say, "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

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Snowflake Solidity

  • Background M1 Orange
  • Clothes M1 Bayc T Red
  • Eyes M1 Holographic
  • Fur M1 Black
  • Hat M1 S&m Hat
  • Mouth M1 Bored Cigarette

This individual is a former business owner who has sold several companies. They have worked as a tech professional for many years and are also a designer, artist, and musician. They occasionally engage in stock trading, but mostly as a holder. They are a strong advocate for decentralization, DAOs, and ApeCoin. They were nominated to the ApeCoin DAO council and had the 5th most visited profile during the 2022-2023 election season.

At the age of 9, the individual earned their first paycheck by working as a storyteller for kids on a national TV morning show. They have been proficient in several European languages since childhood and have lived in many countries. They have completed multiple university degrees, including a degree in Provisor (doctor plus bio Pharmacist) from the oldest university, where they participated in a NASA research club and a genetic club. They also obtained a degree in Languages from the University of Seville in Spain.

At the age of 13, the individual founded a record studio as a DJ and worked at a radio station at 15. They pursued a career in snowboarding, participating in competitions, organizing events, and running snowboard camps in the Alps. However, they eventually became bored with their snowboarding career and took an intelligence exam that led them to be selected for a Microsoft program and internship in the development department of a non-profit organization. Following this, they worked as a contractor for the biggest biotech and tech events before being recruited by Apple Inc, where they worked for many years in various roles, including at the Genius Bar and in corporate positions across international regions.

Two years ago, the individual became deeply involved in DEFI and NFTs.

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  • Background M2 Army Green
  • Clothes M2 LEather Jacket
  • Clothes M2 Leather Jacket
  • Eyes M2 Angry
  • Fur M2 Red
  • Hat M2 Bayc Flipped Brim
  • Mouth M2 Dumbfounded

I first joined the MAYC when the Mutants dropped back in August of 2021. Since day one, the community has been amazing. Welcoming, supportive, and collaborative.I’ve changed my mutant a few times until I settled on Vulkan with a goal to build an identity and backstory through him. Since the ApeCoin DAO was formed in March of 2022, I’ve been enamored with the opportunity to help build something that hasn’t been done before. Whether it's crafting my weekly newsletter or serving as a member of the ApeComms team, I take great pleasure in interacting with the community and learning about their experiences and ideas.

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  • Background M1 Aquamarine
  • Clothes M1 Vietnam Jacket
  • Earring M1 Silver Stud
  • Eyes M1 Wide Eyed
  • Fur M1 Black
  • Hat M1 Bayc Hat Red
  • Mouth M1 Bored

My mutant is called dyorjadore, derived from the famous luxury French brand Dior and his slogan Dior j’adore. In web3, DYOR is one of the most famous words! My Mutant gets his firecap because he DYOR too much and his brain is on fire…

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Sea Sick Mutant

  • Background M1 Yellow
  • Clothes M1 Pimp Coat
  • Earring M1 Silver Stud
  • Eyes M1 Blindfold
  • Fur M1 Blue
  • Hat M1 Fisherman's Hat
  • Mouth M1 Bored Cigarette

The story of SeaSickMutant is quite a groggy one. It all began when a friend of mine told me about ETH NFTs. I had previously dabbled with TopShot, but I had never spent enough time on Discord to truly understand what was happening. Then, an IRL buddy of mine onboarded me with Parallel Alpha. He later became a big shot in Volturas' project (PA) and is now known as GoldSkulle.

I got onboarded via Parallel and made my way to OpenSea. After looking at a few collections, I bought one that I thought looked cool - a bored ape with a prison jumpsuit, candy-colored grin, and trippy fur - a true grail by today's standards. However, given that I had zero clue what I was doing, it turned out to be fake. I followed the collection loosely as I was still figuring out what was going on and then realized it was a fake. By that point, the floor was up over 5 ETH, and I was rekt.

Despite this setback, I continued to explore the NFT space and met up with an iPhone chat of some in-real-life buddies from the East Coast. They had recently bought a mutant and convinced me that I needed to jump in, so I scrounged together some ETH and bought SeaSick. From there, I slid into a MrMilli chat and linked up with some legends like Jet Tequila, Insight, Timpers, PizzaLater, Brickz, and others, and started to get deeply involved in the BAYC ecosystem via Twitter chat.

I even wrote an origin poem for my mutant and submitted it to a contest for TBAC (which has since morphed into CHIMPERS) and won a mint. My biggest win in the space was a Ferrari from Fancy Bears.

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Alexander Mazzei

  • Background Gray
  • Clothes Tanktop
  • Eyes Eyepatch
  • Eyes Sunglasses
  • Fur Brown
  • Hat Fez
  • Mouth Discomfort

In 2011, a friend convinced me to buy into cryptocurrency. I set up mining equipment and made a decent amount of money, but eventually had to liquidate as the technology changed and my machines became obsolete. I invested the profits into hoverboards, but lost everything when the market collapsed due to faulty products. I hit rock bottom and ended up homeless, eventually hitchhiking across the country to start over. During the pandemic, I founded and onboarded 150k people into the space. Buying into the Bored Ape Yacht Club in its first few days of inception. Now, I'm working on building a web 3 lifestyle and gaming console featuring photorealistic avatars and NFTs like bored apes. My love for the Bored Ape has continued throughout my journey.

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Crazy Magnum

  • Background Gray
  • Clothes Hawaiian
  • Eyes Crazy
  • Fur Gray
  • Hat Beanie
  • Mouth Bored

Since Crazy Magnum was born in Hawaii he got used to this kind of culture; boats, houses, fancy lights, and cool drinks. During his years of growing up he searched the world, always looking for the perfect community for him until finally, by chance, he found the Yacht Club. Since he joined the club, he was overwhelmed by the activity of the other members and their energy. He immediately wanted to be part of it and participate. But the endless possibilities irritated him and he had to withdraw in a kind of shock at first. He has been watching from the sidelines and learning. Eventually he found places to step into the spotlight like the APE TV Show, Jenkins book, and others. Now the world will get to know him and his craziness. His biggest dream would be a collaboration with Magnum ice cream, to develop his own crazy Magnum Ice!

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  • Background Blue
  • Clothes Vietnam Jacket
  • Eyes Bloodshot
  • Fur Tan
  • Hat S&M Hat
  • Mouth Bored Unshaven

I started off small in the crypto space, which is known for being expensive and volatile. Despite being busy with my duties in the Indian Navy, I managed to make some money in 2017. However, 2018 proved to be a difficult year and I ended up losing almost everything I had earned. I slowly began to recover and was introduced to House of Kibaa through NBATopshot, eventually leading me to purchase my first Ape on the secondary market for 1 ETH and a second one for 2.5 ETH. I later sold the second one for 3.5 ETH. All of this occurred in June and July of 2021, and at the time, I did not realize that my Ape would become an important part of my identity.

Fortunately, I held onto my first Ape, BAYC 4924, which I purchased on June 1st, 2021. Through the Ape community, I have had the opportunity to connect with some of the best people, and as a result, I have joined many other communities. The OG community that formed early on in BAYC was especially noteworthy, and that same vibe has carried over to some of the greatest NFT projects of our time.

Although there is FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) and the possibility of scams in the NFT space, I have found a global family with whom I can connect. Everyone, regardless of their status, feels equal in this community. Even though Franklin is an Ape whale and I'm just a minnow, he treats me with the same respect that I show him. That is the essence of the culture that has been built in the NFT space, and it is what makes me bullish about it.

After retiring from the Navy in July 2022, I have become more actively involved in this space that I love.

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  • Background Army Green
  • Clothes Blue Dress
  • Eyes Robot
  • Fur Black
  • Hat Beanie
  • Mouth Dumbfounded

"Curiosity killed the cat but gave birth to this beautiful ape." It was all thanks to a combination of my Twitter feed, WhatsApp conversations with friends around Europe, and my fascination with the art of storytelling. Oh, God, I miss these old vibes of summer 2021 in the swamp!

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  • Background Blue
  • Clothes Bayc T Black
  • Eyes X Eyes
  • Fur Robot
  • Hat Army Hat
  • Mouth Dumbfounded

I am a solution architect who has been working in traditional web1/web2 since 1997. In 2023, I will receive my CCIE 20-year badge. In 2020, I started investing in crypto, and in 2021, I acquired my first NFT. Despite being 50 years old, I enjoy keeping up with all the latest technology and information. As a result, I purchased BAYC in 2021. I am now the co-founder of APE 101 Taiwan BAYC group and Demi-Human NFT. Additionally, I hold CISSP/CISM security certifications and enjoy sharing my experience with my community, particularly regarding security awareness to safeguard my friends. It would be my pleasure to join Forever Apes.

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  • Fur Brown
  • Background Blue
  • Mouth Jovial
  • Eyes Bored
  • Clothes Prom Dress

I would like to introduce Bish, my forever Ape.

I lived on Clubhouse. Each day I would multitask, creating my art and listening to my friends in the space talking about NFTs. Each day I was connected, then one weekend I decided to be healthy and venture outdoors to enjoy fresh air. I return and reconnect and find a room with all my friends discussing apes. “Apes?!? Yeah, ok, I don’t get it...” I miss the mint entirely.

Next thing I know, all my friends are on Clubhouse with their new Ape PFPs. Oh the FOMO hit hard! I rush onto Opeasea and mentally prepare myself for my biggest purchase to date. Apes are flying off the shelf...and then I see her, a version of me.

At the time I wasn't sure where this community would take me, however after seeing my friends all in the space, sharing, laughing, and having a good time, I thought it was well worth it. Little did we all know we'd be here. What a journey it’s been!

Bish is my forever ape. I have a little kiddo IRL and I definitely plan to pass her down and keep her in the family.

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Justin Taylor

  • Background New Punk Blue
  • Fur Blue
  • Eyes 3d
  • Hat Sea Captain's Hat
  • Mouth Phoneme L
  • Clothes Bone Necklace

Captain's hats have always been my thing. Proof? My Twitter avatar was a cartoon photo of me wearing one for ten years. Guess I've always just considered myself someone that loves the ocean, beach, palm trees. I would always find one to throw one on with my friends on vacation.

I got a DM from a "Bored Ape Yacht Club" one day.

"Ok, so obviously we're a brand-new project, and we're desperate for people to notice that we just started promoting. But hear me out: I realized some of our Bored Apes have Captain's Hat's!" he said.

I was intrigued, but I'd just crashed and burned on some projects. I wasn't necessarily ready to jump into another one so quickly, especially one brand new. But that itch stayed. I kept thinking about the art, and I loved the little community that was forming.

I kept checking for the right one, but once I saw this guy, I knew he had to be mine. We've been on this NFT journey since June 2020 together, and it's been one incredible ride, and our journey together has just begun.

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Cameron Moulène

  • Fur Robot
  • Earring God Stud
  • Eyes Angry
  • Hat Beanie
  • Clothes Black T
  • Mouth Phoneme ooo
  • Background Orange

Cam #5616 was not my first ape, but he is my Forever Ape. I discovered Bored Ape Yacht Club in June 2021, and showed them to my partner. She was unimpressed. Nobody really knew what an NFT was at that time (most still don’t). The notion that people were spending $50,000 on images was beyond stupid to all of us, and likely pointed to money laundering or tax fraud. In any event, having been interested in crypto since 2012 and being deeply interested in Crypto Twitter, I began to notice a much stronger sub-community focused on NFTs within CT. I thought the engagement was interesting and went down the rabbit hole. I learned how incredible the technology was, and how important the notion of digital ownership would one day be, and I quickly understood that these were not just pictures of apathetic apes, these were personalities, avatars and a powerful culture forming right in front of me.

I went to my partner and a friend and suggested we each invest a substantial amount into NFTs. Nobody listened. So I got a few pieces myself, but my style has always been a rarity sniper, and even I wasn’t prepared to invest a fortune for the already expensive (100eth) Gold Apes. In the span of only 30 days I watched every single one of the rarest pieces I suggested we buy sell off for 2 or 3x what they were previously listed for, and I saw people start to USE their apes as profile pictures, AR filters, and in animations - then it clicked. I knew exactly what I could do with collections, especially the ones that offered the free use IP that the apes did.

needed to get as many great apes as I possibly could. I convinced my partners to take a huge gamble, and buy 35 apes over the course of about a month. ‘Cam’ was one of those apes. Among our collection are golds, trippys, and Curtis, the flagship ape (or the closest BAYC to the nonexistent one the founders used for the Rolling Stone cover - different earring.. we own Curtis ; ). I love all of the apes, and creatively work with most of them everyday to develop original content in the form of an animated series, 3d renderings, Derivative projects and more. Something about CAM stood out to me. I felt a true kinship to him. Like he somehow captured a part of how I see myself. The beanie felt young and edgy, matched with the orange backdrop and the aesthetics were clean. He’s a robot which felt hard working and disciplined. The “OOH” face made me think he was never afraid to speak his mind, even if it got him into trouble… all very relatable. He’s far from the most valuable BAYC in our collection (YET - spoiler…maybe?), but he’s by far the most valuable to me..

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  • Background New Punk Blue
  • Earring Silver Stud
  • Eyes Blindfold
  • Fur Gray
  • Hat King's Crown
  • Mouth Bored Cigarette

I purchased #3049 for 1.9 ether on May 5th 2021, since that day he's been my only and Forever Ape. I remember coming across the BAYC website a few days before mint. I fell in love with the story behind why the Apes were so bored. Unfortunately days went by, I forgot to check back and by the time I returned it was too late. Mint was over. Between the end of mint and May 5th I must have looked at 1000s of Apes but didn't settle on any until I saw #3049. Something about the project and #3049 felt different to me, even then. The Apes in my eyes all looked so cool and unique, all truly bored and even maybe a little relatable. #3049 is the only Ape with both merch and a crown which deems him worthy of the title 'King of the Merch'. To this day I'm not exactly sure what I saw in him during that fateful Wednesday but I knew I had to buy him and not look back. I'm incredibly grateful to the founders and community. These dumb monkey jpegs have changed a lot of lives including mine.

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